Saturday, 10 April 2010

Up in the North Downs

I learnt a very valuable lesson yesterday. If you're planning on doing an 80 mile bike ride, you really do need to leave the house before noon.

W and I set off from Finsbury Park, bound for the sunny south coast. W got as far as Surbiton and then had to head back - knee stopped play. I decided to head on but reality struck deep in the North Downs, and I realised I'd never make it in the light. Plus I was relying on the maps on my iPhone and the battery was clearly about to give up the ghost, so back to London it was.

Still, I had 57 miles of daffodil and cherry blossom filled, fabulous city and country riding taking in central and suburban London, a sunny lunch by the Thames, and the Surrey Hills part of the North Downs. It gave me some much needed hill practice. AND I didn't have to walk my bike up any of them! I'm yet to be convinced that I'm actually fit enough to cycle the end to end next month though...

Despite the fact that a general election is looming, londoners yesterday seemed much more preoccupied with the big Chelsea game - banners, scarfs and supporters tops abound. It was only when I hit rural Surrey that the campaign posters came out. Only for one party mind you, and not the one I'll be voting for!


  1. What, you carried on, on your own? I cycle on my own, mostly - theoretically, we all cycle alone, in this life, but to go a long distance, on yer Todd is really very brave... I guess, when you've got a ride in you, you just got to go the distance.

    Amazed, impressed and a little terrified of you, I am.

  2. I did cycle around New Zealand on my own, so a trip in the North Downs should be fine...

    That said, it's more fun with other people - as long as they aren't slooooooooooooow.

    Don't be impressed, you'll only be very disappointed in me!