Thursday, 25 February 2010

I don't know if you've noticed but it's raining...

The good news is, as you're only supposed to get rained on in London 12 times a year if you cycle, the rest of the year's cycling experiences should all be pretty dry. God, who comes out with these statistics? Hmmm...

Fortunately, just this week I bought myself some shiny new waterproofs. Good for getting home dry but very, very bad for cycle chic. Even if I was on Poppy the pink pashley.

Tomorrow I'm off to the fabulous Bobbin Bicycles - - to buy Poppy a new basket. It really is the most beautiful cycle shop in Britain. Think I'll ask them about how I can rock some winter cycling style.


  1. That's where I'll get my new bike from now. thanks for the tip. Any pics of the basket?

  2. Yeah, I know them - they are the coolest, for sure. I nearly bought the prettiest yellow cape there, last year - it was a little overpriced, I thought. And of course, the heavens opened later that day... How sorry was I?