Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cycling through snow

I decided I couldn't be doing with this Tube nonsense any more this morning and jumped back on to my trusty pink bicycle for my (very early) commute into work.

The first five minutes were a little dodgy as the side roads where I live had received a thin coating of fresh snow last night (just enough to cover all the ice that I know is lurking underneath), but once I hit the slightly busier roads it was fine. Better than fine - it was great to be back on Poppy the bike. And of course the one good thing about cycling at 6am in the morning is that you have the roads pretty much to yourself!

Roll on summer - which in my case is coming very soon as I'm off to New Zealand and Argentina for three blissful weeks of warmth and wine - hurrah!


  1. Hurrah for the Pink Cyclist and Poppy! I'm not quite ready to rescue Olive from the garage yet due to her very slick tyres...

  2. What, you get up and get going for 6 in the morning?! That both horrifies and impresses me in pretty much equal measure. Amazing. I headed out this week on my bike with great trepidation - cycling over Tower Bridge and back, this evening was about as scared as I've ever been on my bike! What a wimp...

    Will you be cycling in NZ and Argentina? That's one hell of a trip. I'm assuming that you're going for 3 weeks in each country, right?

  3. I saw a very bad fall on ice yesterday that scared the beJesus(not a word I know) out of me. Brought back memories of falling on ice myself in Hyde Park onto the middle section of my boys bike. Ouch! I even drew blood! Plus it bruised my pride. I think I'll wait and walk instead.