Wednesday, 30 December 2009

December has not been a good month for cycling

First came the bad back. Then came the snow. Then came the Christmas party season. With the result that both of my bicycles have been langishing in the garage at work for almost all of December. I hang my head in shame, but promise, here and now, to make up for it in 2010. And to blog about what I see along the way.

This isn't going to be another blog that rants about drivers in London - because most of them are alright. They are certainly much better than they used to be. And it isn't going to be one that moans about cyclists going through red lights and riding on pavements - although they do, and generally I don't. It's going to be about the pleasure of cycling in London and what you spot along the way, and about the highs (going downhill) and lows (going uphill...) of out-of-London adventures by bike. It's also going to be about things that make cycling in London better - like fantastic routes through parks, picnics and wonderful shops like Bobbin Bicycles in Angel - It's going to be about my two bikes, Geraldine and Poppy. And any other bikes that join us along the way.

I'll be back on my bike next week. Hurrah!

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